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Naturally tasty cones and wafers for artisan gelato,
since 1938

More than 80 years of tradition, 3 generations and a history of passion for what is good, natural, artisan, a passion for gelato! OSTIFICIO PREALPINO was established in Bergamo in 1938 with the beautiful Orobie Prealps as landscape. The founder Franco Minetti becomes soon a reference of quality and excellence for the ice cream makers.


OSTIFICIO PREALPINO believes deeply in the safety of its products, so much that it was among the first cones companies to obtain an international quality certification in 2013. This milestone was the result of years of research, improved processing techniques and methodologies and scrupulous selection of raw materials.


We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. It has been designed to showcase our wide range of products with a new look and feel. The content has been fully optimized with more detailed features .... cones and wafers, gelato bases, wafer papers and much more! Visit our new website now: