Gelato bases

Ostificio Prealpino has created FORMULA, a range of well-balanced cream and fruit bases. All our bases are easy to use and they leave room for each gelato chef’s creativity while exalting every single flavour. They create a smooth, creamy and substantial gelato.

FORMULA is a line that allows the gelato artisan to change the basis weight according to production needs, without interfering with the characteristics of the gelato. The artisan can choose to use the Komplet Formula, adding only milk and cream, or the Formula 50 or 100, which have a low basis weight and to which more ingredients need to be added.

The only thickening agent used in all of the products in the FORMULA line is locust bean gum – they contain no other emulsifiers, hydrogenated fats or aromas. Therefore they exalt the taste of the milk and cream, as well as the taste of each chosen flavour.

FORMULA 50 How to use: 50 gr per 1 litre of milk

FORMULA 100 How to use: 100 gr per 1 litre of milk

FORMULA KOMPLET Complete base: add only the milk or cream required by the recipe and the main flavouring.

FORMULA FRUTTA SMART With a dosage of 70 gr per kg of finished product, this allows for the preparation of fruit gelato and more, one batch at a time and quickly.

Moreover Ostificio Prealpino has developed customised blends and selections with its clients, thanks to their growing awareness of ingredients and production processes and with a concrete response to their increasingly specific demands.

All the bases can be supported by a customised recipe book, with the features chosen by the gelato artisan in order to create a “unique” gelato.