Naturally tasty cones and wafers for artisan gelato,
since 1938

More than 80 years of tradition, 3 generations and a history of passion for what is good, natural, artisan, a passion for gelato!

OSTIFICIO PREALPINO was established in Bergamo in 1938 with the beautiful Orobie Prealps as landscape. The founder Franco Minetti becomes soon a reference of quality and excellence for the ice cream makers.

The son Arnaldo takes over the management in 1983; Ostificio Prealpino has yeas of commercial expansion, also abroad and innovates its productive processes and introduces new innovative products. Later on, Arnaldo was joined in the conduction of Ostificio Prealpino by Aurora and Mauro, third generation descendants.

Craftmanship and attention to the product are two milestones of Ostificio Prealpino’ success.

Since its birth, the heart of production of Ostificio Prealpino is its dough room, it has been subjected to continuous innovations of the mixing equipment and, mostly, to a deep qualification of ingredients.

The cone represents in Ostificio Prealpino philosophy and strategy, a quality food, something to assign the task to enhancing artisan ice cream even more. It’s not a casualty that, even today, in a reality based on computerized recall of macro-ingredients for the dough, each type of cone has its own recipe, different mixers and highly specialized workers to ensure good success of the product: a real example of how the technological development could be addressed to artisan service.